Free Brioche  Hat pattern

Last month I published the HØST cowl pattern – my very first knitting pattern. And then again, it’s not quite the whole truth. I’d like to tell you more about that later but right now I want to introduce you to this hat knitted in brioche stitch.

The Brioche Hat pattern is updated

The hat comes in two sizes, medium and large and it’s great for both men and women.  You can knit it as a beanie or you can knit it longer and fold the cuff or wear it as a slouchy hat. It’s very versatile. If you’re new to brioche knitting, this would be a great project.

The hat fits both men and women


If you knit it longer, you have the option of folding the cuff.

Use a DK-weight non-superwash yarn

I made this using a Rowan tweed yarn that unfortunately now is discontinued. It should be easy to find a substitute, though. I have some suggestions on the Ravelry pattern page and I’m planning to knit another one, so I’ll be following up on which yarn I’ll use. One thing that I highly recommend is using a non-superwash yarn for this hat. With superwash yarns, the knitted fabric can get a little out of shape and with a hat like this, it’s obviously important that it has a nice fit without being too loose.

Details of the crown of the hat

I personally love how the crown is shaped. This is especially visible when you wear the hat with a folded cuff like in the photo above or when knitted in the shorter version. But I do also love that you can wear it as a slouchy hat like below.

Download the Brioche hat pattern here or on Ravelry.

But hey, I promised to tell you why I can’t really say that HØST is my first pattern. So here goes… About 10 years ago I made this hat for my boyfriend (who’s now my husband). I made it available as a pattern on Ravelry through a link to my blog at that time. Unfortunately, I was never fully satisfied with the quality of the pattern and now, finally, I’ve knitted two versions of the hat again, taken new photos and have made a new and improved PDF version of the pattern.

If you choose to knit this, feel free to let me know here in the comments, on Ravelry or on Instagram.

Download the Brioche Hat here or on Ravelry.