Welcome to Bøgevald, a website about knitting. My name is Lise and you can find my knitting patterns in my webshop.

My knitting patterns are inspired by nature and simplicity and on Instagram, I share practical tips and information about knitting as well as my own knitting projects.

I learned to knit as a child only taking a break in my late teens. So I feel that this craft has always been my companion.

A walk in the woods or by the sea is one of the best things I can do for myself. Just like knitting it clears my mind and makes me instantly happy and grateful. Yoga helps me to keep my body healthy and it does the trick of preventing aching shoulders when knitting (a lot). My children and my husband mean the world to me. Spending time with them is the best. I’m based in Djursland, Denmark.


My knitting patterns are inspired by nature and simplicity.