Love it when you have some uninterrupted time for self care?

I hear you. I use knitting as self care.

It’s so easy to get all stressed and overwhelmed in this crazy busy world we live in. Many of us have come to realize that meditation, yoga, journaling, being in nature and lots of other things help us relax. But can knitting be included in that pile of things you can do to nurture yourself as well?

Imagine yourself sitting on the couch or wherever your favorite place to relax and be calm is, knitting away, stitch by stitch by stitch, as you almost forget time and place. Thoughts enter your mind and leave as quickly as they arrived. Once in a while, you break the rhythm, taking a sip of your tea poured into your favorite tea mug and then you resume the small repetitive movements with your hands. Movements that automatically follow each other in an endless loop, helping to empty your thoughts and soothe your mind.

Do you recognize this feeling?

For me, this is exactly why I pick up my knitting needles when I want to feel better or think about my well being. Or when I just want to relax and be comfy.



Self care for the mind

Is knitting actually self care then? I know that it works for me. It’s not nurturing my body but it clears my mind and it certainly adds value to my life in general. And for me knitting can be self care in at least five ways:

  1. It can be meditation
  2. It can be therapy
  3. It can release stress
  4. It can be soothing
  5. It can make space for creativity

When I find myself in a difficult or stressful situation, I often return to knitting when time allows it. It’s like taking a break from a complicated matter and then come back later with renewed energy. It’s not about escaping, it’s just an incorporated part of my life.



In the last couple of years, it seems like everybody has started talking about self care. And with good reason as many of us have finally realized that self care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. To cope with day-to-day stress, we simply need to take some time out of our day just to nurture our own wellbeing. At least whenever it’s possible.


Self-care is healthcare

Plenty of research tells us that knitting is good for us. Betsan Corkhill, founder of the website Stitchlinks is one of the pioneers in this area. Through her research, she has proved a lot of therapeutic benefits from knitting. She explores this in her book Knit for Health and Wellness. Her empirical studies show that knitting makes us happier and can help depression.

So why not make knitting a part of your self care routine? Knitting is not only good for us as a solitary act of self care but also as a social activity. Furthermore, if you choose more complicated knitting, it will keep your brain occupied as well as your hands, and this combination has the ability to prevent the development of certain diseases. So I guess we can’t deny that knitting is good for our health!

I’ve recently made knitting a part of my self care routine and it’s been so beneficial. I’ve incorporated it into my day – even if it means that I can only knit for 10 minutes at a time. Decide for a time of the day where you’ll pick up your knitting needles, take a deep breath and enjoy the relaxation.

Do you use knitting as self care? What are your best self care moments with knitting?