Sock knitting.

Does that resonate with you?

Socks are … just socks;) Many people don’t even care about their socks. I mean, it’s not even that visual what you wear on your feet inside your shoes.

When it comes to knitters it seems to be different, though. Another category. At least if you call yourself a sock knitter. So why do we put all that effort into socks?

I must admit that I haven’t always called myself a sock knitter, and sock knitting is still something that I gravitate towards periodically. But when I knit socks, I find an immediate gratification because of the rather quick progress. (Not mentioning the second sock syndrome here!) Knitting on 2.25 mm/size 1 needles doesn’t really feel like slowing you down that much when knitting a small item like a sock.

I guess sock knitting for me does the trick both because the beautiful stitch patterns on a small scale captivate me and because it feels like heaven to put your feet into a pair of hand knitted wool socks on a chilly morning.

Fragment socks

I recently finished the Fragment socks by Helen Stewart published in Laine Magazine, issue 4.



This pattern is simple and elegant, and it was an absolute joy to knit. It has just the right amount of ‘stitch garnish’ for my taste. It is knit cuff down with a heel flap and a grafted toe. My HiyaHiya sharp needles did an amazing job in this case because there’s a lot of small cables you can do without a cable needle.



Sock knitting for the drawer

I am very pleased to add these socks to my (at the moment pretty small) sock collection. I’ve worn out many of my knitted socks so I’d like to increase the collection. Next up is a pair of plain vanilla socks. After knitting a pair of socks with a stitch pattern, I often find stockinette stitch quite satisfying.

Are you a sock knitter? And do you prefer plain vanilla socks or do you love a beautiful stitch pattern for your feet?