New and improved Brioche Hat pattern

Free Brioche  Hat pattern Last month I published the HØST cowl pattern - my very first knitting pattern. And then again, it's not quite the whole truth. I'd like to tell you more about that later but right now I want to introduce you to this hat knitted in brioche...

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Høst – a free knitting pattern

Looking for a free knitting pattern for a cozy and snuggly but still elegant cowl? Høst is available as a free download here and on Ravelry. Høst is the Danish word for harvest or fall - it has both meanings. It's also the name of my new knitting pattern - a cowl...

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Best yarn shops in Montréal

During my recent (and first) visit to Canada, I managed to visit two of the best yarn shops in Montréal. I always try to visit at least one local yarn shop whenever I'm traveling. I love to explore new yarns and knitting tools that are not accessible from where I...

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Why knit socks with beautiful stitch patterns?

Sock knitting. Does that resonate with you? Socks are ... just socks;) Many people don't even care about their socks. I mean, it's not even that visual what you wear on your feet inside your shoes. When it comes to knitters it seems to be different, though. Another...

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Knitting as self care – make it your daily routine

Love it when you have some uninterrupted time for self care? I hear you. I use knitting as self care. It's so easy to get all stressed and overwhelmed in this crazy busy world we live in. Many of us have come to realize that meditation, yoga, journaling, being in...

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