The Flow Socks

The Flow Socks

The Flow Socks

Here you have an easy and intuitive knitting pattern for cabled socks.

I’m really experiencing getting into a flow state when I knit these socks. So how can they not be named Flow?

I designed these socks when I needed a relaxed and enjoyable piece of knitting. So I grabbed the beautiful skein of yarn that had been lying in my stash for about a year and decided that I wanted a pair of socks. Living in an old house like this means plenty of use for socks. I wanted them to be simple but with cables that unfold naturally.

And I think the result is just that. If you knit these socks maybe you’ll have the same feeling of flow as I did, seeing the cables evolve as they want to. As if they couldn’t have been knitted any other way.

The socks are worked from the cuff down with an intuitive cable pattern. The pattern is both charted and written. It’s written for magic loop but you can easily adjust it to using Double Pointed Needles. 

The yarn is history

The yarn was my point of departure in this design process. I bought it when visiting Montreal last year (actually I still have yarn left from that trip, because I bought a lot!). I was drawn to this handdyed skein of sock yarn from the Canadian Urso Yarn Co because of the beautiful golden, caramel-like color. But also due to the fact that the yarn is made out of 80% organic merino wool. Besides, it says on the tag that it has been going through an ‘environmentally  friendly superwash proccess’. I’m not a fan of superwash yarns for a number of reasons but this detail made it seem a pretty good purchase.

Paule from Urso Yarn Co has now discontinued the yarn because, as she told me: “I discontinued the Rêverie, since I wanted to focus on untreated yarns. The eco-processed had a better environment review, but I would rather the yarn is not treated at all.” Good statement from my point of view as well. It’s not easy to find good, untreated sock yarns  but Urso Yarn Co now has an untreated BFL sock yarn instead and I’d love to try it out. Of course you can use any fingering weight sock yarn that you prefer for these socks.


Non-superwash yarns and natural fibers

As long as I’ve been knitting I have primarily been gravitating towards non-superwash yarns and natural fibers. But when I’ve knitted socks I’ve often made an exception. At the same time I’ve been thinking more and more about the environment, climate change and the traces we leave behind. And I can’t help but ask the question: Do we have to knit with superwash yarns and yarns containing nylon? I don’t believe so!


I’m always on the hunt for untreated yarn suitable for socks and I’m seeing more and more coming. I’m planing on making a list of non-superwash / untreated yarns with natural fibers suitable for socks here on the blog so if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments.